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Next events to Rosabianca:

Comes a collaboration between "Refuge Body & Spirit", "Hotel Rosabianca of Rapallo", and "La Casa e il Mare", new Events at the "Salotto dell'Antica casa sul Mare" at the Hotel Rosabianca!!! Call us, ask and come!

Our last Events:

Red Carpet 2014 (08/27/2014)
Food and wine evening with the music of Stephen Polinelli .... a real success!!!

Green Carpet, 2013 (06/26/2014)
Food and wine evening music with our chef trainer Iacobone with its cocottes and its crudités, and the presentation of extraordinary "JustOne Live Show".

TO BE MARRIED (05/17/2014 and 05/31/2014)
An event to organize your special day. For the occasion, there were:
Wedding Planner - Wedding Travel - Photography - Cake Design - Location - Wedding List - Jewelry - Music DJ - Catering - Bridal gowns - Limousine rent.

Apericena with music accompanied by sparkling Sangria with a fair dose of Jazz, Blues in abundance, a dash of Funky, Bossa Nova and lot of Swing ... for an evening of live music with the trio “NON BLUES ULTRA”.

Trovarsi e Riscoprirsi (04/12/2014)
Sixth meeting under the guidance of Dr. Mariella Inguì (Psychologist and psychotherapist).
We discuss the difficulty of the act of making a decision and of the reasons that push us in one direction or in another.

Rapallin ... Rapallesi (03/29/2014)

An opportunity to meet and spend a colorful evening with tasty anecdotes, nice appetizers, a delicious minestrone interspersed with memories, remembrances, poems in the vernacular with background music and with the stockfish the evening will conclude with memories of our people!
ROSABIANCA for Christmas (12/06/2013 - 01/06/2014)
With great pleasure we organized, in collaboration with "La Casa e il Mare" and "Tenuta the Fiammenga", the "ROSABIANCA for Christmas ... and much more" a set of cultural, musical, artistic and gastronomic appointments as well as a special showcase to find the best Christmas gifts. The first event was Friday December 6 with the grand opening where the protagonists of the event told which are the events and initiatives in calendar that cannot be missed while the Rosabianca's staff and "La Casa e il Mare" offered a free appetizer.
Italian Mambo (09/14/2013)
A musical show overwhelming! Do not take commitments for after dinner, we welcome you to the hotel with a rich taste of our desserts, sweet wine and coffee while the tenor Marco Borella, accompanied by the piano of Ciprian Oloi and the flute of Daniela Piras involve the public in the melodies known all over the world!
Classical Italian and international songs, delicious desserts and coffee for an exceptional after-dinner to the Rosabianca.

Red Carpet 2013 (08/29/2013)
The whole town of Rapallo has participated in the "Red Carpet 2013", ​​magical evening made of music, good food and excellent wines ... a long red carpet accompanied the location of the event, red as the Formula 1 Ferrari parked on the seafront! Hotel Rosabianca has proposed a concert of live piano and a fresh summer menu: sangria red and white made ​​with the Fiammenga's wines, mixed paella and veal with tuna sauce!

Green Carpet in Blue (06/28/2013)
On 28 June we were part of "The Green Carpet in Blue", an event where Rapallo has turned into an open air great restaurant and American bar, characterized by a long green carpet of about two kilometers lying in the heart of downtown. It was a magic gourmet evening with typical food, music and sports under the stars. The hotel Rosabianca has proposed two menus for a high quality happy hour.

Craft Beer Tasting (05/25/2013)
Focusing on local production and crafts, on May 25th we organized a tasting of the local beer of Busalla. An event designed to stand out not only the quality and the history of this beer, but also to exalt the peculiarity of our cuisine. The tasting was accompanied by bruschetta with pesto and soft cheese flavored with truffle oil, sausage skewers with mustard and mozzarella cheese, savory muffins with ricotta cheese and ham, pecorino sardo cheese, homemade focaccia with ham, butter toast and anchovies and smoked salmon canapes and mayonnaise with beer.

Red Carpet 2014
Food and wine evening.
Our events
Colorful and carefree evening of tasty anecdotes interspersed with memories, memories and poetry.
Our events
Night of Sangria e Jazz
Apericena with music, sparkling Sangria and Jazz, with the trio “NON BLUES ULTRA”.
Our events