Ligurian Cuisine

Land and sea food

The Ligurian cuisine is a sea and land cuisine, in which the more delicate flavors meet the freshness of the aromatic herbs.

The Genoese trofiette with pesto sauce and pansotti with walnut sauce are the undisputed protagonists.

In Rapallo you can delight your palate tasting the red shrimps of Portofino, fresh fish, anchovies and tuna of Camogli and other really delicious dishes.

In the hinterland you can taste meat dishes, wild boar, mushrooms and chestnuts.

Liguria is full of many flavors to suit all tastes.
Ligurian Cuisine
Sea food
Red shrimps of Portofino, fresh fish, anchovies, tuna of Camogli...
Ligurian Cuisine
Land food
Wild boar, mushrooms and chestnuts...
Ligurian Cuisine
and many other dishes...
Delicious local and italian flavors...
Ligurian Cuisine