Sanctuary Madonna di Montallegro

The Sanctuary of Montallegro is the Sanctuary of Rapallo's population, undoubtedly the most important religious place in the area.

Patron Saint’s festival:
The Patron Saint’s festival of Rapallo takes place on days 1, 2 and 3 July, It's a time when the city comes alive with tradition and devotion between Rapallo's population and beyond.
A 3 days festival, where the entire city participates and attracts a lot of tourists because of the organization of the famous Fireworks, unique in its kind, with spectacular show of fireworks both during day and night.
The most evocative moment is undoubtedly the procession from the Sanctuary ending at the seafront, with pyrotechnics effects from the Old Castle.
Definitely not to be missed

Cable Car
The cable car provides a stunning view of the Gulf of Tigullio, a panorama of great beauty. Once in Montallegro, you have the opportunity to walk in the shade of trees along a level path.
Sanctuary Madonna di Montallegro
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