Our History

Historical Rosabianca, a 4-star hotel in Rapallo

Since 1800 a dictionary definition described Rapallo as a lovely and picturesque town along the sea, because of its warm and lively climate, its hotels, restaurants and touristic places that were reached by horse or by boat. Among the best and frequent guests there were Hemingway, Freud and the Duke of Windsor.
From these exclusive accommodations emerged the Grand Hotel Savoia of which the Rosabianca was the dependence, fulfilling the need to offer rooms and a restaurant on the beachfront.

This is why after the tragic flood of 1913 the brothers Cuba and then the family Prato turned it into a meeting point of big names like Gino Bartali, Clark Gable or Rossellini.
Great destination for enjoying the fabulous fish soup, shrimp and clams in a wonderful and enviable position facing the Gulf of Tigullio.

In 1984 a new society entered and renovated the hotel over the years and it installed the first electric elevator in the area. Since 30 years by now guests can discover the variety of our scarves framework, the refinement of details and the elegant choice in the classical design and furnishings.

Already in the 70's a writer of great fame said that Rapallo smiles at his guests as the flower Rosabianca keeps on spreading its fragrance.
Our History
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Our History
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Our History
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